Social Insurance Number

A Social Insurance Number, also called SIN, is a number that you must have to legally work in Canada. You should apply for a SIN card as soon as you arrive in North Bay as a permanent resident.

How to Apply for a SIN:

You can download a form from the Service Canada website or you can pick up a paper copy of the form at North Bay’s Service Canada Centre located at:

The Canada Place, Suite 102
107 Shirreff Avenue
North Bay, Ontario - View Map

Keep in Mind

  • To apply for a SIN card, you need to have certain documents with you depending on your residence status. Visit Settlement.Org to see which documents you will need to have in order to apply for a SIN card.
  • You Social Insurance Number will come on a plastic card that you should keep with you. Never give your number out to anyone other than an employer. It is a very important number and should be kept private and secure.