Packing & Customs

Before you begin to pack your belongings, you need to make two lists of everything you will be bringing to Canada. The first list will include only the items you are taking with you and the second list will include the items that will follow. Settlement.Org has information on how to put your lists together and a guide on the types of goods you are allowed to bring into Canada.

The Canada Border Services Agency also has information on what you can bring into Canada as well as what to expect when you arrive at customs.

Keep in Mind

  • Pack for the weather! 

Seasonal Temperatures:



(Dec. 21-Mar. 19)


(Mar. 20- June 20)


(June 21-Sept. 21)


(Sept. 22-Dec. 20)

Temperature Celsius

-25 degrees

12 degrees

25 degrees

10 degrees

Temperature Fahrenheit

-13 degrees

53.6 degrees

77 degrees

50 degrees

If you will be arriving in the winter, make sure you pack warm clothing (for example: a coat, boots, hat and mittens) or have some money set aside to buy these things as soon as you get here.

When you are packing, remember to count the number of items you are bringing to Canada. For example, count how many t-shirts you are bringing and how many pairs of socks.​​​