Local Programs

The North Bay Employers' Council

This group of local employers identify and steer programs aimed to resolve regional labour market needs. In North Bay, labour force realities include: high number of retirements, an aging population with low birth rates, and a reliance on newcomers to meet the organizational human resource needs. For more information, or to get involved in the Employers' Council, contact: Meg Ramore at megramore@nbdmc.ca

Want to know more? Click here to watch a video of Don Curry, Executive Director of the North Bay & District Multicultural Centre, discuss the Employers' Council and the North Bay Local Immigration Partnership.

The Business Immigration Attraction Program

Thinking about succession planning or selling your business? This program was developed in 2010 to attract new Canadians to Northern Ontario. The program is funded by the Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration and operates through a partnership between the City of North Bay and the City of Greater Sudbury. The Program is an Internet-based referral program with a focus on targeting and attracting business immigrants to the North Bay and Sudbury regions. This tool will serve as an ideal match-making system to connect local business owners looking to sell with business immigrants looking to buy. For more information about the Business Immigration Attraction Program, please contact the North Bay & District Multicultural Centre at 1-877-495-8931

The Mentor Program

This project was launched in 2009 to help integrate newcomers into the community. The program is operated through the North Bay Newcomer Network. It is designed to help create professional and social networks for internationally trained professionals, business immigrants, newcomers and their spouses.

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