Canadian cuisine incorporates a lot of different foods, and there are different food trends depending where you are in the country.

A typical grocery store in North Bay will likely include many foods that are new to you. If you are unable to find certain ingredents for the dish you want to prepare from your home country you can contact TW Foods and they will get the specialty item in for you that you need to complete your dish.

Restaurants in North Bay cover a variety of different tastes and traditions which include, Greek, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish and Spanish.

Canadian Foods

Poutine is a dish that consists of fries, cheese and gravy. It is widely offered in restaurants and chip stands. Poutine originated in Quebec and is widely popular across Canada.

Tim Hortons is a popular coffee and donut shop that is widely renowned all over Canada. North Bay has many of these establishments. Tim Hortons serves coffee, timbits (donut holes), muffins and lunch foods.

Butter tarts are a dessert that was first made in Eastern Ontario around 1915. The pastry consists of a tart that is typically filled with butter, sugar, eggs and often raisins and pecans.

Maple syrup is a popular sweet condiment in Ontario and there are several maple syrup producers around North Bay & area. Many maple syrup products include: cookies, cakes, butters, flavoured sugar, candy and even tea.