Health Care

Comprehensive medical services in North Bay are provided by a fully-accredited medical hospital and a psychiatric facility, co-located in the North Bay Regional Health Centre.

The medical community is comprised of specialists and general practitioners that provide patients with the highest quality of care. North Bay's physicians and specialists work with some of the most modern equipment found anywhere. Their services are sought by both local and non-resident patients in need of specialized treatment.

For more information call:

Walk-In Clinics

  • Ferris Medical Clinic
    Northgate Shopping Centre, 1500 Fisher St. Suite 202.  705-495-4000
    By appointment only. No advance booking, same day appointments only
    Clinic Hours: Monday to Friday, 12PM-6PM (Call at 9AM)
  • Near North Medical Clinic
    66 Josephine St. Suite 201.  705-495-2685
    Clinic Hours: Monday to Friday 5PM-8PM
  • Head to Toe Clinic
    Guardian Drugs Building, 1950 Algonquin Ave. Suite 306.  705-495-0300
    Clinic hours vary. Contact for same day appointments
  • Blue Sky Family Health After Hours Clinic
    685 Bloem St., 2nd Floor.  705-476-1413
    **For Blue Sky patients only
    Clinic Hours: Monday to Friday, 5PM-8PM. Saturday and Sunday, 10AM-1PM

Keep in Mind

Once you are settled in North Bay, you may find it difficult to find a family doctor right away. Until this happens, the Walk-In Clinics are a great place to go if you need medical advice.

North Bay also has several pharmacies for both over the counter and prescription medications.

Need help finding healthcare options where they speak your language? Visit out to find a healthcare provider near you!