North Bay has four distinct seasons, meaning that every year you can definitely count on having a snow day when school buses do not operate.

Below is a list of average temperatures during each of the four seasons:



(Dec. 21-Mar. 19)


(Mar. 20- June 20)


(June 21-Sept. 21)


(Sept. 22-Dec. 20)

Temperature Celsius

-25 degrees

12 degrees

25 degrees

10 degrees

Temperature Fahrenheit

-13 degrees

53.6 degrees

77 degrees

50 degrees

Most newcomers to the area find winters quite a shock. Yes, the temperatures are cold but there are many activities that you would probably never experience without those lovely, frozen flakes of snow.

If you plan on arriving during winter months (December-March) be sure to pack some warm clothing like a jacket, mittens, a warm hat that covers the ears (commonly known in Canada as a touque) and insulated boots. If you're having trouble finding warm clothes where you live, set some money aside to buy some as soon as you arrive.

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