Tools & Resources

  • Professions North/Nord (PNN) program assists internationally-trained immigrants (ITT) become accredited and enable them to access employment in their chosen field.  
  • TalentNet is a tool designed to help managers understand that their efforts to have productive and engaged employees and high performing teams are served well by inclusive talent management practices. 
  • Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) helps link employers to hire the skilled individuals that they need and are having trouble finding.
  • Skills International profiles the skills and proficiencies of immigrants looking for work in Ontario and facilitates the connection with employers who need their skills.
  • Safe Harbour: Respect for All has a focus to create opportunities for storefront businesses, agencies, and municipalities to celebrate cultural differences, and to help to create safer, more welcoming communities.
  • Allies provides resources to immigrant employment councils and networks to bring together local stakeholders and to develop their own practical solutions to help skilled immigrants find suitable employment.
  • North Bay & District Multicultural Centre has a lending library of cultural awareness, diversity and anti-racism resources which was developed through a grant from the Community Builders program, Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.Resources are available free of charge to the community.