Child Care and Programs for Youth

Child Care

In North Bay, you'll find many options for child care services, from treatment centres to family support and daycare.

The Nipissing Early Years Centre is a place where parents and caregivers can go to ask questions, take part in activities with their children, talk to other parents and caregivers in the community and get information about programs and services that are available young families.

One Kids Place is a children's treatment centre and offers a range of services to help children, youth and their families with physical, developmental and communication delays and disabilities.

Free After School Programs

FREE for youth ages 7-16 who can participate in physical activities, health and wellness, food and nutrition, arts and culture, and a homework club.

Youth Centres

Youth Centres run during the summer months at several locations throughout the city and are open to kids ages 7-14. Activities include:

  • Sports: Soccer, Football, Basketball, Ultimate Dodgeball
  • Games: Capture the flag, Ping Pong, Air Hockey, Bowling
  • Music/Arts: Guitar, Music, Arts/Crafts, Field Trips!
  • Electronics: Movies, Wii, Guitar Hero, Rockband, XBox
  • Special Events: Bowling, Gymnastics, Mini Putt, Dances, Beach Days and much more!

There is also a School Year Youth Centre for youth ages 10-18.  They offer healthy body games, arts and culture, homework assistance & physical activity 

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of North Bay and District  is proud to offer mentoring programs for local youth

Two mothers play with their children at the Early Years Centre Kids play ping pong in a recreation centre