Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community and gain Canadian experience and Canadian references.

Volunteering is also a way for you to learn new skills, continue to develop your existing skills, practice English and meet people in your community. It allows you to build networks, gain valuable experience, and learn more about your community. When you volunteer you do work without pay for the benefit of both others and yourself. Often, volunteer positions are with non-profit or charity organizations.

There are many activities happening in the City throughout the year.

The City of North Bay's Parks & Recreation Department organizes several events and is often looking for volunteers for a variety of positions.

Often there are also volunteer opportunities within the North Bay & District Multicultural Centre from becoming a mentor to helping out around the office.

Laurentian University in collaboration with Professions North are looking for participants for a study on the workforce integration of immigrants in Northern Ontario. Click here to read more about this volunteer opportunity.

Check out a list of local organizations that need volunteers. Click here.

Interested in volunteering? Volunteer Canada has a great guide that encourages new Canadians to embrace the many volunteer opportunities available to them in their communities. Check it out here!


Want a list of local volunteering opportunities?

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