If you have settled in North Bay and are planning on investing in an existing company or opening a new one, there are several municipal, regional, provincial and federal incentives that may help.

On a municipal level, the North Bay City Council has reduced industrial taxes by 66% (one of the lowest levels in Ontario) and eliminated Industrial Development charges. It also introduced a 20-year commercial tax reduction program that is stimulating strong growth in that sector. This supports our strategy of providing a very competitive operating cost environment. Our financial incentive programs also help offset both operating and capital project costs.

There are a number of funding bodies available provincially and federally that provide investment incentives. Contact the City of North Bay's Economic Development Department for specific inquiries.


North Bay's city council has reduced industrial taxes by 66% (one of the lowest levels in Ontario) and eliminated industrial development charges. It also introduced a 20-year commercial tax reduction program that is stimulating strong growth in that sector. This supports our strategy of providing a very competitive operating cost environment. Our financial incentive programs also help offset both operating and capital project costs.

North Bay's industrial parks offer fully-serviced land at attractive prices, choice of location and size of parcel, combined with provincial and federal incentives. In addition to its low industrial tax rate, North Bay provides added economic benefits for companies planning to locate or expand within the city.

Municipal Incentives

Expedited Permitting

Through the Development Application Review Team (DART) all the staff members you need for your project are available at once to review your proposal and give you comments right at the table! The DART reviews all development applications and Site Plan Control Agreements to ensure that we are doing everything we can to move your project forward quickly and meet project deadlines.

No Industrial Development Charges

North Bay's proactive business city council has eliminated industrial development charges and implemented a 20-year commercial tax reduction strategy.

Competitively Priced Land

The City of North Bay offers a variety of municipally owned site options for development in our Gateway Industrial Park, and both ground and airside options in our Airport Industrial Business Park. There is also an commercial acreage at the entry to the City (Highway 11/17 south).
Close proximity to major transportation routes and access to advanced telecommunication networks make North Bay's industrial properties an excellent expansion or relocation option. For additional details please contact a member of the Economic Development team.

Brownfield Community Improvement Plan (BCIP)

A Brownfield is defined by the province as an undeveloped or previously developed property. It was likely, but not necessarily, used for industrial or commercial purposes in the past and may now be underutilized, derelict or vacant. A Brownfield has known or been suspected of contamination problems, which prevents or limits potential redevelopment opportunities from proceeding. The City of North Bay has a number of sizeable and strategically significant sites in the downtown and surrounding areas that are classified as a Brownfield.

Airport Community Improvement Plan (ACIP)

North Bay's Jack Garland Airport is situated at the northern portion of the City, accessible by Airport Road.  NBJGA is 1 of 15 airports in Canada and the only airport in Northern Ontario to have a 10,000-foot runway.  This feature is a tremendous asset for the region, enabling the community to accept aircraft of all sizes. Several companies utilize this capability to ship large products throughout the world.  The runway is also frequently used by airlines as an emergency diversion destination.

Downtown Community Improvement Plan (DCIP)

The Downtown Community Improvement Plan (DCIP) is a city-funded incentive program that is designed to stimulate private-sector investment in the downtown. The goal of the DCIP is to improve the attractiveness of the downtown by encouraging sustainable businesses and residential projects.


Northern Ontario Heritage Fund (NOHFC)

The Ontario government has a mandate to foster private sector job creation and economic development. Through NOHFC the government supports programs to help create sustainable jobs for northerners.

Rural Economic Development Program (RED)

The Rural Economic Development program is a community development initiative that helps rural communities remove any barriers to community development and economic growth. The program invests in projects that support sustainable rural economies and community partnerships. The priorities for the RED program are to revitalize communities, improve access to health care services and increase opportunities for skills development.

Ontario Trillium Foundation

The Foundation supports the building of healthy and vibrant communities through community-based initiatives that strengthen the capacity of organizations in the arts and culture, environment, human and social services and sports and recreation sectors.

Ontario Tourism Marketing Program (OTMP)

The Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership offers a variety of opportunities to market new or existing tourism events in Ontario. OTMP can help you select the programs that best fit your marketing strategies, target markets and budget.

District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board

The Ontario Works Office in North Baysupports local enterprise through its Employment Placement Program. Other services include: Employment Resources Centre, labour market information, job postings, screening for funding and more.

Yes! Employment / Job Connect

Yes! Employment Services works to satisfy your full-time, seasonal and casual hiring needs by providing recruitment and screening support as well as training/wage subsidies to employers.



FedNor is an initiative of the Government of Canada which works with numerous partners. FedNor helps fund community projects as well as other initiatives designed to improve the economic and social well-being of the North as a whole.

Service Canada

Human Resources Service Development Canada provides assistance to employers seeking workers and offers wage subsidies for qualified persons.

Invest Canada-Community Initiatives (formerly CISP)

ICCI is a grants and contributions program. It matches funds of up to 50% of eligible project costs per year, for a total ICCI contribution not to exceed $300,000 per project per year. If a community accesses other federal government support, the total federal support cannot exceed 50%.

Futurpreneur (formerly Canadian Youth Business Foundation)

Futurpreneur is a national charity providing start-up mentoring, financing and business resources for young Canadians, ages 18-34, to create their own successful business.

Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP)

The NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) provides a range of both technical and business oriented advisory services along with potential financial support to growth-oriented Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises.

Strategic Aerospace Defense Initiative (SADI)

SADI provides repayable contributions to aerospace and defence industries for research and development projects.